Custom Design


At Boudreaux’s, our lead designer, Brandon Boudreaux, is the 4th generation in a long line of jewelers, gemologists, and designers.  To our core, Boudreaux’s has always been a design house; it is in our blood, going back over 85 years. Every custom piece of jewelry that Boudreaux’s creates, whether for our own signature collection or for a client, has a personal touch.  From classic to contemporary, diamond or gemstone, our designers can create any piece of jewelry that you can imagine when we put pencil to paper and start our design process.  Our expertly trained sales associates will meet with you and listen to each and every detail, no matter how small, that you’d like us to incorporate into your design.


Once the ideas are laid out on paper, we get to work.  Selecting diamonds and gemstones direct from the source, we bring you the best the world has to offer in fine gems and diamonds at the best prices. Depending on the project, we will use three methods: hand fabrication, hand wax carving, or computer aided design (CAD).  Some designs are still best achieved using the original techniques Boudreaux’s master jewelers used when we first started designing and creating jewelry in 1933.  Utilizing today’s most current technology in CAD and 3-D printers, we can show clients a rendering and wax model of exactly how their finished piece of jewelry will look before it ever has to be created in metal.


Once the design is approved and the piece is cast into the desired metal, our master jewelers get to work polishing every surface to a high shine so your jewelry looks great from every viewing angle.  At this point, the diamonds or gemstones are ready to be seated and set.  This is the most important and precise part of the design’s journey, and demands the total focus of our most experienced jewelers.After all the stones are set and secure, we give the entire piece a final polish before it goes to a Boudreaux family member for the final inspection and approval.


Please see the slideshow below illustrating the different steps in the selection of the diamonds and production of the ring shown above.


To get in touch with Boudreaux’s about your custom jewelry idea, please contact us here to schedule an appointment.